UETDRDO003 Maintain energised HV distribution overhead electrical apparatus (glove and barrier)

Distro Glove


This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to maintain energised high voltage (HV) overhead electrical apparatus (glove and barrier) in the electricity supply industry (ESI).

It includes maintaining electrical apparatus using HV live line glove and barrier methods and verifying site conditions and potential hazards, confirming and calculating physical loads and the selection of appropriate and authorised work methods. It also includes preparing and cleaning specialist materials and tools in accordance with authorised technical instructions; undertaking legislative and safe working practices; rendering inoperative automatic re-closing devices, including restoration in accordance with work plans; and issuing/accepting electrical access permits and/or relevant working documents.

Methods of Achieving Objectives

  • Classroom presentations, group discussions and equipment familiarisation
  • Knowledge and practical assessments
  • Train de-energised to live glove and barrier work standards
  • Train energised to live glove and barrier work stage


  • Qualified and Authorised Distribution Lineworker

Course Duration

  • Initial – 20 days
  • Refresher – 3 days

Group Size

  • Maximum/minimum 5 participants


Upon successful completion of an initial course participants will be eligible to receive a Statement of Attainment.

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Benefits from this course

  • Increase your employability in electrical supply industry (ESI)
  • Learn current and best practices in a rapidly changing sector.
  • Achieve certification in a nationally recognised course

Course Documents

UETDRDO003 Maintain energised HV distribution overhead electrical apparatus (glove)