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Powerline Training provides technical training for the Electrical Supply Industry specialising in maintaining high voltage transmission and overhead lines.

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Powerline Training provides other technical services such as lineworker assessment, audits, field work practice writing and more.

Powerline Training Pty Ltd is a Victorian based, privately owned, Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) accredited Registered Training Organisation established in 2010.

We provide quality training and assessment services to the electrical supply industry network owners and service providers in the field of high voltage transmission overhead powerlines. We also provide initial and refresher training to the telecommunications industry where workers are required to install communications equipment on transmission powerline tower structures.

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Tower Rescue

This course covers the initial and refresher training on an individual’s knowledge and skills in the safe performance or rescue procedures from a tower structure in the workplace. It specifies the requirements of rescue from a transmission powerline tower structure and how they apply in a transmission work environment.


Live Barehand Method

This transmission overhead powerline live high voltage barehand work training course is designed to provide the participant with a thorough understanding of the principles of live high voltage barehand work methods and techniques and the application of approved live high voltage work safety practices and procedures.


Height Safety

This course covers working safely at heights in resources and infrastructure industries. It includes identifying the work requirements, work procedures and instructions for the task; accessing and installing equipment; performing work at heights; and cleaning up the work area.

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Powerline Training is an Australian Skills Quality Authority Accredited Registered Training Organisation and Powerline Training is dedicated to providing a safe training environment for all our clients' employees and we engage independent Work Health, Safety and Environment consultants to ensure we are compliant with all aspects of Workplace Health and Safety and the Environment in the workplace.

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Powerline Training

Excellence in Electrical Supply Industry Training.

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