Audit and Compliance

Powerline Training provides a comprehensive workplace auditing service to the electricity supply industry in transmission de-energised line and high voltage live work.

Peter our qualified auditor is best placed to complete your audit with over 40 years’ experience working in the electricity supply industry as a technical advisor, trainer, assessor and consultant to the network asset owners and service providers.

The purpose of an external audit is to highlight problem areas and ensure corrective measures are taken to rectify non-conformance. Powerline Training completes these audits to company specific policies, procedures and industry best practice.

External audits can be conducted twice yearly, and Powerline Training believes having a fresh pair of eyes observing company work practices will serve to maximise the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of all present and future company operations.

The primary areas that would be subjected to regular audits are:

  • Employee authorisations/qualifications
  • Contract personnel authorisations/qualifications
  • Annual training
  • Personal protective, Fall prevention and Safety equipment
  • Workplace documentation
  • Workplace setup and safety
  • Lineworker general tasks
  • Mobile plant
  • Environmental

The results of these audits would be submitted to the company responsible person to be reviewed and acted upon as soon as practicable after the completion of each audit.

Please contact us for more detailed information on Powerline Training’s auditing service.